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Putney, Vermont

Handmade Pottery
​Each pot is thrown on the potter's wheel and individually decorated. The decorating process starts by drawing on each pot with a pencil to set up the design. All the decorations are drawn freehand. The next step involves using a wax resist, introducing color, waxing again and etching to cut through the wax. The final step, before the second firing, is to then introduce more color. This layering process allows for very rich and varied designs.
All pots shown are available to be  purchase and shipped. Most pots are one of a kind, with the exception being lamps, mugs, and the smaller bowls, so as to either have sets or pairs. Dinnerware is available and is made to order as to size, number of pieces, designs and particular pieces that would work best for you.

Each piece is guaranteed to please and can be returned if you are                                          not satisfied.
Handmade Stoneware Pottery Made In Putney, Vermont by Local Craftsman